Elementary school kids making DNA for National DNA Day.
Elena with visiting scholars Maria Luisa Lazo de la Vega Monroy, PhD (right) and Daniel (left) at the Universidad de Guanajato in Mexico
UCSF School of Nursing Ranks No. 1 Among Public Institutions in NIH Funding

Welcome to the Elena Flowers Lab

Our research is focused on the complex interplay of genetic predisposition and behavioral/lifestyle factors associated with risk for type 2 diabetes. We are particularly interested in racial minority groups who are disproportionately affected by these conditions. Ongoing studies are focused on South Asians, Filipinos, Latinos, and African Americans. There are two primary goals of our research. The first is to identify novel biomarkers to improve prediction of risk and responses to behavioral risk reduction interventions, including physical activity, diet, and yoga. The second is to explore mechanisms underlying complex metabolic conditions in order to better understand the pathophysiology for individuals and groups.